Enhanced Cell-Max™

Product Detail:

Enhanced Cell-Max™ utilizes the open-cell, rigid substrate of Cell-Max™ media and is coated with a proprietary formula of nutrients and adsorbents. This helps establish a healthy, thriving ecosystem of fungi and bacterial organisms to treat complex odors, VOCs, and low levels of H2S typically found in municipal wastewater applications.

Enhanced Cell-Max™ provides all of the benefits of high-performance engineered biofilter media (smaller footprint, shorter residence time, longer media life), but at ¼ of the weight of comparable engineered media. This allows for significantly lower project costs.

Enhanced Cell-Max™ Product Specifications:

Bulk Density (Dry): 15.5 lbs/ft3

Typical EBRT: 20 - 40 sec

Differential Pressure: 0.375”/ft media

Face Velocity: 5 - 15 fpm

Media Selection and Design Support:

To utilize biological organisms and mitigate wastewater odors, it is necessary to understand two basic biochemical processes—autotrophic and heterotrophic, and their opposing requirements and ecosystems.

Autotrophic bacteria consume inorganic compounds as an energy source and receives carbon from carbon dioxide. Heterotrophic biological organisms must obtain both energy and carbon from the organic food they consume. GES Biotek is pleased to offer site-specific media selection and design support to create the ideal green environment for your application.

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