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Global Enviromental Solutions

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new name, same great history.
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From the beginning Global Environmental Solutions, Inc.’s mission was to mitigate environmental odors using nature’s design. Global Environmental Solutions, Inc. (now GES Biotek, LLC) was originally incorporated in 1997 to market the very first Bio-Scrubber®. While continuing to commercially manufacture fully engineered and integrated systems for the next decade, GES recognized the need for natural ecosystems. This led to the development and manufacturing of improved biological media, nutrients, and components.

This realization created a recipe for success. Over the last two decades GES has supplied over 3 million cubic feet of bio-oxidation media to the municipal wastewater industry alone. All that said, GES is just getting started.

Today, GES Biotek, LLC manufactures engineered nutrient rich open-cell substrate from recycled glass material that would otherwise end up in a landfill. This media mitigates odor compounds in the parts per billion range. This continues our commitment to provide green product solutions for the next generations’ demands. Solutions that are good for people, good for the environment, and good for the planet.

Our Experience, expertise, and proprietary technology


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Our service offerings
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Start-up and Inspection

Complete inspection, testing, and checkout of all supporting systems.

Plant Personnel Training

Pre-startup classroom and
job site training.

Smoke Testing

Testing to ensure uniform airflow throughout the Biofilter area.

Performance Verification

Ensure performance to
specified parameters.

Cloud Based Monitoring

Remotely monitor and control key elements of the Bio Filter or Bio Scrubber system to ensure peak performance and customer satisfaction